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Software Outsourcing Company in Argentina

We are software development outsourcing company based in Argentina. Our experienced team's main objective is to simplify the lives of companies and users through innovative software solutions and staff augmentation services.

We are passionate about technology, and we use the best of it to improve our clients' business processes.

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Software Outsourcing Services

With a passion for excellence, we offers high quality software development outsourcing services to clients worldwide.

Development Outsourcing

Fully Cross-Platform, we develop progressive web and native mobile applications with one codebase. We can build your software in React Native or Ionic and it will run on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

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Development Outsourcing

We provide full stack services relying on the cloud. We work for specific industries developing project management platforms and different kinds of administrator sites. We build web solutions from frontend to backend.

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Development Outsourcing

We create RESTful APIs in different frameworks. Our systems are based on this software architecture. Scalability, maintainability and security are just a few of the many advantages of this technology.

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Hire Agile Software Development Teams And Agile Developers

Matched with your industry, technology and company culture.

Software Staff Augmentation USA


Staff augmentation is the best choice when your project’s requirements could change if its scope is not strictly defined.

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Software Development Dedicated Teams USA


We also provide our customers with software development professionals. Chosen according to the experience and skillsets you desire, we manage entire teams working full time for your project only.

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Project-Based Outsourcing USA

Project-Based Outsourcing

Your partner manages the entire project according to your specifications. Your partner will oversee the entire development process and deliver the final product to you.

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Custom Software Development

Select your tech, we create your software.

As a fully established software development company, we work with a wide variety of the best programming languages, frameworks, libraries and database management systems. Our developers have solid experience in: Java, Python & Django, PHP, C# & .NET, Node.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React, Vue.js, Next.js, Gatsby, Swift, Kotlin, Go, Delphi, Ruby, Ruby On Rails, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB...

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If you need to hire developers we can help with the outsourcing process

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Redefining software outsourcing experience.

Why choose us?

We create the software you need. No more, no less.

First-Class Developers

All our developers have extensive experience and have passed rigorous hiring tests.

Our experienced development team will help you create your software quickly and easily.


All the software components we develop are subjected to strict quality processes to guarantee their correct operation, efficiency and security.

Cost effective

We offer solutions tailored to your budget. We take care and optimize your resources as if they were our own.


We follow high quality standards when developing software

One iconProduct Quality

We are early-tech-adopters and work with the latest technologies as well as qualified software developers. Our products are created to meet your requirements and we aim to provide the best service for your projects.

Two icon Code Quality

Our code is clear and maintainable, easy to read and understand for by any developer. Always documented, it follows coding conventions and it's extensible and efficient.

Three icon Usability

We focus on the user’s experience but always following your requirements. Our software products are developed to achieve specific goals effectively and efficiently.

Four icon Maintainability

All the systems and components we develop are easy to modify. Therefore, correcting faults, improving the performance and adapting environments to new requirements is very accessible.

Five icon Traceability

Predecessor-successor relationships between our products are easy to establish and trace. With the software we develop, the life of a requirement can be described and followed naturally, reaching all artifacts and making tests secure and productive.

Six icon Velocity

Following Agile software development methodologies, our teams can fulfill a high quantity of tasks maintaining exceptional quality standards to meet established deadlines.

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Software Development Outsourcing

Benefits of Software Outsourcing

It's faster and costs less too.


Software development outsourcing provides great flexibility on demand, allowing to adjust the necessary resources according to the project's requirements, budget and deadlines.

Cost Reduction

Outsourcing software development is less expensive than hiring in-house developers, as it reduces many costs, such as recruitment, retention and infrastructure, among many others.


By outsourcing software development, you can have access to highly skilled and experienced developers, who will be integrated into your development team and be productive without the need to invest in lengthy training processes.

Nearshore And Offshore Software Outsourcing

Nearshore Software Outsourcing

Based in Argentina, we offer nearshore software development services to North American companies. One of the main benefits of this is the ability to collaborate in real time during their normal working hours.

Unlike offshore software development in India, China or Ukraine, our nearshore software developers live and work within similar time zones to the vast majority of US and Canadian hiring companies. This allows us to integrate seamlessly with your teams.

Nearshore Software Outsourcing Company

Offshore Software Outsourcing

Offshore Software Outsourcing Company

We also offer offshore software development services to companies in Europe and the UK.

Software Development Services

Are you planning to outsource software development services?

Our experienced full-stack developers are at your disposal and ready to create exceptional software solutions: mobile and web applications, responsive websites or powerful apis, whatever you need.

App Development Services

We offer professional services for all phases of app creation, from ideation and concept to design, integration and implementation.

Our specialists have extensive experience in developing all types of applications (mobile, web and desktop), for all platforms: ios, android and windows.

Argentina App Outsourcing Services

Web Development Services

Argentina Web Outsourcing Services

We can create high quality websites for your business. We use the most advanced technology and techniques, we take care of usability and focus on performance, seeking to offer an intuitive, pleasant and fast user experience.

Api Development Services

Make connectivity easy.

We are specialized in professional API development. We create state-of-the-art customized API interfaces, which will improve the connectivity of your software in an easy, precise and fast way.

Argentina API Outsourcing Services

The technology partner for growing businesses.


We Serve Multiple Industries, Globally.


We provide software solutions to improve medical care and simplify and streamline the management of medical services.


We’ve developed several e-commerce platforms for different clients of the US and Latinamerica. Providing solutions to wholesalers and retailers, improving their commercial transactions process.


We are experts in the development of payment processing, banking, virtual wallets among other finances management platforms. We’ve developed several payment processing systems for international customers.


Not only are we experts on software development but also avid travellers ourselves. We understand the touristic industry and different types of travellers' needs. We can create custom on-demand travel apps for example.


We are aware of the hospitality industry’s main concerns and we work to provide solutions for it. We can create websites integrated with bookings management systems and e-commerce to process transactions straight through it.


If you have been considering that your company should be on Google’s searches, we can provide you with SEO consultancy services. Find out where your company is at the moment and what improvements we can help with.


Construction is one of the firsts industries we’ve worked for and therefore one of our expertise. We can create websites, apps and data management platforms to help you improve your processes.


We provide custom on-demand software products depending on your business needs. Let’s talk! We’ll be happy to hear what’s on your mind!

Choose us as your

Software Development Company

in Argentina

Argentina Software Outsourcing Company

We’re an top-notch Argentine software development company, focused on providing robust, scalable and efficient software outsourcing solutions to clients around the world.

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Many companies trusted their software development outsourcing to us.

Ecommerce web app for wholesalesers and retailers.


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Web app for smart cities development.


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Dedicated teams for data security and file sharing projects.


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Payments Gateway for Independent Sale Offices.

Sur Technology Holdings

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Software Outsourcing

Frequently Asked Questions

Software outsourcing is the practice of transferring all or part of the development work to an external service provider instead of doing it in-house.

Outsourcing software development allows you to speed up project times and reduce costs, obtaining greater flexibility when scaling the necessary resources.

Of course, the cost of outsourcing a software project will depend on the amount and expertise of resources needed to carry it out.