Meet our team

Javier Uanini

Founder & CEO

Javier is our Founder & Chief Executive Office. During his childhood he developed a fond interest and passion for computers. In 1999 he created his first website using a Windows 98 computer, a dial up connexion and Microsoft Frontpage.

When he grew up he decided to study Software Engineering and after finishing college he moved to New York City where he took his first steps in the payment processing industry.

Once he returned to Argentina he kept working for companies from the USA and together with his sister Constanza founded Siblings Software. His two best friends from college, Maximiliano Tomassi and José Obregón, addressed the first projects of the company.

With vast experience developing software for industries like Fintech, construction, healthcare and events management, Javier leads our company with diligence and determination, always caring about every person in the team.

Denisse Peduzzi

Chief Marketing Officer

Denisse is our Chief Marketing Officer. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public and Institutional Relations and has more than 7 years of experience working in communications in different industries and countries around Latin America, Asia and Europe.

She joined our team to face the challenges of a B2B company and lead our marketing and communications strategies.

Born in Patagonia Argentina, she’s a nature lover and avid traveller, she has also spent two years living in different parts of Oceania. Her favourite plan is to grab her backpack and hit the road looking for new adventures.

With a diverse background, her professional and life experience brings a rich perspective to our company.

José Obregón

Tech Lead

José is our Tech Lead. As a Senior Software Engineer he specializes in analyzing, designing and developing web apps with technologies such as ReactJS, NodeJS, GraphQL and Gatsby, among others.

He has been in Siblings Software since the beginning and has worked in different roles: started as a developer and quickly scaled thanks to the knowledge and experience he got, ending up leading teams for different projects and clients. José dedicated the last 8 years to work in web development in startups and large companies.

He is a new technology's lover, and he is always up-to-date with the latest advances. Implementing them and achieving better results is one of his passions.

He also loves travelling and has visited many countries and experienced their cultures. He enjoys nature and one of his hobbies is going trekking in the mountains.

Maximiliano Tomassi

Senior Frontend Developer

Maximiliano is our Senior Frontend Developer and creates web applications with different technologies such as AngularJs, Angular, Express.js and NodeJS. He developed his first program in GW-BASIC as a child in 1993, with the help of a programming book and an IBM XT given by his uncles.

While at university, pursuing a degree in Software Engineering, he met José Obregón and Javier Uanini. Together they started working on the first projects of Siblings Software. At the beginning, his role was as a backend, handling different languages such as Java, Ruby and C Sharp. Later, he specialized exclusively in the frontend.

Personally, he loves going for walks and reading about science and technology, especially Astronomy. He is also a fan of science fiction having read countless books of the genre.

Having experience in both frontend and backend, he brings to the company a wide perspective that allows him to find different solutions for each project.

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